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Our Mission

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Our goal is to unite executives within the rental management industry, organizing them into groups without creating competition. Each group will be led by a distinguished facilitator with curated content from experts within the rental management world. Together with experts and facilitators we will guide and mentor the groups of RMI. As part of these groups, members will engage in the exchange of best practices, address critical industry matters, and foster mutual accountability. At its essence, we will create an exclusive advisory board tailored specifically to the rental management sector for each member.

Our Process

Apply for a Group

Let us know you’re interested by filling out our online application. Once received our team will review and determine the best fit for you based on geographic location and size of management company.

Get Started!

Join your new group as we meet virtually once per month for two hours. You and your fellow group members will be held accountable to improve your company’s growth and operational processes.

Shortcut Success

Watch how quickly you will gather tools, make connections and learn new things to help accelerate your growth and have a more profitable business.

At Our Core

Group & Individual Coaching

Maximize your potential and unlock growth with tailored coaching to elevate your business and become more profitable.​

Network & Collaboration

Belong to a dynamic community where industry experts meet to innovate and succeed together.​

Industry Specific Resources & Tools

Gain exclusive access and competitive advantage with resources and tools equipping you with the latest advancements and best practices in the field ​

Extended Opportunities for Continued Learning

Stay ahead of the industry trends and refine your expertise with diverse learning opportunities including workshops, webinars and training series.​

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